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Technical Support (general)

Technical support is offered to customers

  • with an active recurring DELAVO subscription
  • with a one-time paid (aka. lifetime) DELAVO license
  • with an active recurring SUPPORT subscription

Steps you'd go through BEFORE submitting a request for technical support:

First, please make sure that you have already searched through our knowledge base by using the Search bar at the top of the screen. 

Second, check if other users have experienced the same problem in our Facebook group which is available to customers that have already installed DELAVO. 

Third, when a technical issue arises in 99% of the cases it has to do with a server issue and not with a DELAVO feature, so you will need to contact the support of your hosting service and be specific about the problem you're facing. 

DELAVO displays a technical message when an error occurs that will help your hosting service to troubleshoot the issue, hence in most of the cases, you just need to either copy/paste the error message or save it as a screenshot and attach it to a help ticket to your hosting support service.

Additionally when contacting your hosting's support service be sure to: 

  • Direct support to the page where the DELAVO requirements are listed.
  • Provide them with screenshots, even better with a video that shows where the problem exists. 
  • Underline the fact that you are dealing with software that is currently working in hosting accounts of thousands of customers.

If you are entitled to receive technical support:

  • Click here if you have installed DELAVO in a shared hosting account.
  • Click here if you have installed DELAVO in a dedicated server or VSL.