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Before installing DELAVO

Your server must meet the following requirements for installing DELAVO:


Apache web server

  • *mod_rewrite
  • You must allow the execution of cgi files in the root directory

MySQL 4.0 or later

Perl 5.6 or later with the following modules installed
All required PERL MODULES must be installed under /usr/bin/perl

  • Archive::Zip
  • Crypt::SSLeay
  • Sub::Util
  • ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  • JSON::PP
  • Encode::Locale
  • DBI
  • DBD::mysql
  • Net::FTP v 3.13 or higher
  • IO::Scalar
  • PDF/Webkit
  • Class/XSAccessor.pm
  • Switch

If you are unsure about your host, just copy the specs and submit a ticket to their helpdesk.

We strongly suggest you consider a dedicated server with cPanel and SSH root access.
Many VPS servers (not all) with full root access may accommodate the Delavo installation; it is your responsibility to check with the server support to be sure the server can meet the above requirements.
Contact us if you'd like to get a MANAGED shared hosting account in our server, or order a dedicated server.